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Dear Chanel, 

I am also a student (well a postgraduate student who is not looking forward to being hit in the face with my enormous loan) and I just turned 23 (ha!) but I have this secret, because I am a closet geek which most people don’t know about because I don’t like advertising to people that I get VERY obsessed with games, anime, ASOIAF, and other things like that. I also don’t like telling other girls about such obsessions because sometimes they look at you when you say: “Yes, my ideal man would be Altair from AC because he’s a BAMF” instead of someone more normal… Needless to say I am digressing, my brother bought me DAO for Christmas (because I was a huge fan of the Mass Effect series) needless to say I am obsessed (again secretly!) and your blog is fantastic. I kept giggling to myself today because I kept thinking: “Gave that bitch some horny Hawke, bitches love horny Hawke” which is needless to say, not very helpful when you’re supposed to be giving a drug designs presentation.

It’s not just because you’re good at drawing either! Your sketches are wonderful, you get a real feel for emotion and character in your sketches always express movement, but in a theatrical way… they’re very human (oh my god I am not making any sense). I think the characters in Dragonage are very hard to draw and I think it’s actually only a rare few who can make the characters actually LOOK like and more importantly feel like the characters. But that’s something I have noticed that you always consistently do. I think I stayed up the other night (when I really shouldn’t have!) till about 3am just scrolling through your blog, oh my it was worth it! Not only are you talented but you are also hilarious. I think what I really want to say, is thank you, not just for being a talented artist but as a fantastic introduction to the Dragonage fandom. (I know you like portal and TF2 but I already have an obsessed boyfriend who never stops gushing over Valve, although it’s great to read it from another girls perspective because I swear to god, guys miss 99% of the details from games!)

So thank you for cheering me up and making me laugh!

 p.s And a picture of Alistair because everyone needs more picture of him x 

I was so afraid from the look of this that it was going to be some kind of cease and desist letter from the fandom police! Not that I wouldn’t wanna be arrested by a pissed of Alistair…  FFF, THESE WORDS ARE SO KIND!! I’M FILLED WITH ALL KINDS OF WARM AND FLUFFY EMOTIONS.  THANK YOU. THANK YOU FEELS INSUFFICIENT, THIS IS THE GREATEST GIFT I HAVE EVER RECEIVED. I just.. oh man.. I’m going to cherish this and read it anytime I feel down. 

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